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Newsworthy changes to the site
  1. Changelog: Now

    A new page appears!

    I was inspired by to create my own now page.

    Essentially it’s the latest snapshot of my life. It’s a place for me to be purposeful and transparent with my priorities. It’s where you can find a quick update if we haven’t connected recently.

    I needed a page that could be easily edited, so there were no major code changes. There’s a lot to unpack from that. I’d love to write more about the thinking and technology that went into building the site in later posts.

  2. Changelog: Links

    Conjuring a Web 1.0 staple

    The thing I miss most about the web before social media was everyone having their own blog or personal site. It was decentralized and punk.

    The URL made it all work. One inbound link and you were in. And every outbound link made it stronger. So we all linked to our friends and favorites to include, inform, and pay respect. We called them blogrolls.

    Let’s unpack some teachable moments that I encountered while implementing my links page.

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