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Tracking progress on various projects
  1. soundStrider v1.0.2

    Anatomy of a Web Audio performance hotfix

    As promised, the latest soundStrider hotfix resolves some performance degradation issues that caused audio stuttering and drop-outs. With tactical problem solving I was able to pinpoint the issue to eight sounds that created audio sources which never stopped. Continue reading to learn more about my approach to debugging a complex Web Audio application.

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  2. soundStrider Postmortem

    Reflecting on a nine-month journey with the Web Audio API

    Nine months ago I started a solo game development journey that began with a prototype and ended in my first self-published title. It’s been an incredible journey that’s tested my fortitude and taught me transferrable lessons. Throughout this post-mortem I will present an in-depth analysis of creating soundStrider with the Web Audio API, its effect on my finances, and my takeaways. Please join me in wrapping up this chapter of my life.

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  3. soundStrider Released

    Now available on Steam and

    After eight months of development I’m proud to announce the release of soundStrider. With this release the game is feature complete and finally available for purchase on Steam. Continue reading to find its final patch notes and learn what’s next for the project and me.

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  4. Improving soundStrider

    Learning from a new audience for v0.18.0

    Last weekend I overcame my fears and shared soundStrider with a large gaming community for the first time. The feedback I received was invaluable and led to several breakthroughs about managing expectations, game design, and my commitment to accessibility. The latest beta reflects this feedback. Continue reading for a post on continuous improvement, fears slayed, insights gained, and all the patch notes (of course).

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  5. Support Racial Justice and Equality

    It's time to stand up against racism and police brutality

    For a limited time I’m proud to offer soundStrider as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Please support this cause for as low as $5 USD to gain early access to the beta as well as hundreds of other great games. This charity ends on June 16 and does not include a Steam key.

  6. soundStrider v0.16.0

    Revisiting Soundsearcher with Synthesis quests

    The latest soundStrider beta adds a new quest type and a variety of enhancements. In its Synthesis quests, adventurers search for musical components to repair broken chords. And improvements to world generation and the exploration system send adventurers deeper into uncharted lands. Continue reading to find the patch notes and learn more.

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  7. soundStrider Beta

    Mountain palette, mouse controls, and more

    After six months and over 650 hours of development I’m excited to announce that the soundStrider beta—its largest update yet—has arrived!

    In the Mountain palette, players will ascend to treacherous heights to enjoy chance music produced by standing bells and wind chimes. With its new mouse controls its procedurally generated worlds can be traversed in entirely new ways. And a remix of every sound ensures they can be enjoyed across a variety of audio setups.

    Continue reading to find the patch notes, launch trailer, and learn more.

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  8. soundStrider v0.14.0

    Urban palette and beta announcement

    The latest soundStrider alpha adds a dynamic traffic system and a new palette to support it. In the Urban palette, players will navigate streets of various layouts bustling with motorized traffic. This update also includes a metaprogression system which tracks metrics across play sessions to drive some secrets coming in its full release. Continue reading to find the patch notes and learn more about its upcoming beta.

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  9. soundStrider v0.13.0

    Aquatic palette and escort quests

    The latest soundStrider alpha adds a new palette and a surprise new quest type. In the Aquatic palette, players venture into the depths of the ocean to swim through dreamy soundscapes. And its new escort quests task players with taking props from one place to another. Continue reading to find the latest patch notes and learn more.

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  10. soundStrider v0.12.0

    Optimizations and polish

    The latest soundStrider update improves the overall state of the game and its codebase. Included with this update are major performance optimizations, improvements to world generation, and some graphical enhancements. Continue reading to find the latest patch notes and learn more.

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  11. soundStrider Progress

    Breaking the silence

    It’s been a busy six weeks as I’ve worked to fill soundStrider with content and prepared for its June release. Regretfully, I’ve been so busy that I’ve neglected to update this blog with important announcements about my progress. Don’t worry—it’s nothing but good news below.

    Continue reading to play the alpha, watch its first trailer, visit its new website, and read all the patch notes.

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  12. soundStrider v0.7.0

    Hardhats in the rain

    The latest version of soundStrider introduces its industrial and storm palettes which leverage a variety of game systems to create evolving musical textures. Demo players will also benefit from a new tutorial quest and enjoy enhancements to the visualizer as its core experience continues to improve.

    Continue reading to hear excerpts of these newest palettes and learn more about the upcoming early access release.

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  13. soundStrider v0.6.0

    To the tundra and beyond

    The latest version of soundStrider expands its textures with the addition of its tundra and astral palettes. Bridging the gap between its desert and elemental palettes, they leverage a variety of synthesis techniques to evoke the chill of winter and the vastness of space.

    Continue reading to learn more about the latest excerpts uploaded to the shiftBacktick SoundCloud page.

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  14. soundStrider Demo

    Explore the elemental palette today

    After three months of development, the soundStrider demo has arrived! In this demo of the elemental palette, players can explore infinite soundscapes of peaceful ambient music. Continue reading to play soundStrider in your browser and secure your early access by pre-ordering today.

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  15. soundStrider v0.5.0

    Summoning sunshine and sand

    The latest version of soundStrider doubles its number of sounds with the addition of its beach and desert palettes. Combined with its new dynamic wind system, no two moments or locations are ever quite alike as the sand and its imaginative secrets drift in the wind.

    Continue reading to learn more about the latest excerpts uploaded to the shiftBacktick SoundCloud page.

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  16. soundStrider v0.4.0

    An expedition into the elemental palette

    After nearly fifty hours of development, the latest version of soundStrider has arrived at its destination. Its features include the beginnings of a procedural quest system, a fresh palette of evolving sounds to explore, and a dynamic compass to help lead the way. And with added accessibility features it’s more inclusive and approachable than ever.

    Continue reading to listen and learn as we journey into the otherworldly textures of the elemental palette.

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  17. soundStrider v0.3.0

    Reaching its first playable version

    Development on soundStrider has continued at a strong and steady pace since my last update. Culminating over sixty hours of development, its latest minor version includes an ambient visualization for spectators (hello Twitch streamers), a loving port of the classic Soundsearcher objects, and a plethora of minor features, fixes, and enhancements.

    Continue reading for new open eye visuals and audio excerpts as we unpack what went into building soundStrider’s first playable version.

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  18. soundStrider v0.2.0

    From local experiment to distributable product

    Since announcing soundStrider I have dedicated over thirty hours to its development and received an outpouring of support from empathetic friends and piqued ears. Its first minor version increase represents a major milestone for the project as it receives a graphical user interface and tooling to facilitate its eventual distribution.

    Continue reading for fresh screenshots and a tentative roadmap.

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  19. Announcing soundStrider

    An auditory exploration game and relaxation tool

    When I created Soundsearcher earlier this year, I hadn’t anticipated the radical enthusiasm for game development it sparked in me. It demonstrated to me the flexibility and power of the Web Audio API—and in harnessing that power, it was possible to cultivate worlds and captivate minds.

    Throughout this article series I will detail and reflect upon my progress as I build a worthy successor to that surprising experiment. My hope is that it will keep me responsible and sincere during my sabbatical.

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