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Introducing Audo

A high-speed endless audio racing game

Avoid opponents and collect power-ups as you vie for the top velocity in this submission to GMTK Jam 2020. Audo is an audio game with screen reader support that’s best experienced with headphones.

Play in your browser

Use the embed below or open the game in a new window:

Audo performs best in the latest version of a Chromium-based browser. If you’re experiencing issues in your browser, then please download a desktop build from its page.

How to play

Your racer accelerates fastest in the center lane and is destroyed when it collides with an opponent. After each lap an opponent enters the fray and a power-up is spawned in the center lane. Collecting the power-up grants a shield which absorbs your next collision. Subsequent power-ups while shielded grant a 50% speed boost. Stay close to the center, collect speed boosts, and drift sideways to avoid opponents.

Will you become the fastest in the galaxy?