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Being ephemeral

When I’m not working on my site, I’m probably focused on:

Ongoing projects

  • Searching for the next big thing.
  • Finding new music and adding it to my listening diary.


  • Outlasting the pandemic.
  • Evicting DJT from the rent-free recesses of my mind.
  • Finding peace and prosperity in my mortal corpus.
  • Battling my mental health to get up, live, and stay connected.
  • Being mindful of our climate crisis by thinking global and acting local.
  • Eroding capitalism to build an equitable society for everyone that’s not driven by wealth or systemic violence or oppression.

Everything else

  • Living a small simple life.
  • Catching a punk show at one of the many neighborhood bars.
  • Supporting the local queer burlesque scene.
  • Getting messy with paint on a day off.
  • Blaring dusty emo records on my turntable.
  • Spending time with my partner and friends.