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Introducing Kaleidophone

A relaxing generative audio toy

Manipulate time to explore ambient soundscapes in this submission to LOWREZJAM, Brackeys Jam, and AGJam. Kaleidophone is an audio toy designed for deep thinking, meditation, and relaxation that’s best experienced with headphones.

Play in your browser

Use the embed below or open the game in a new window:

Kaleidophone performs best in the latest version of a Chromium-based browser. If you’re experiencing issues in your browser, then please download a desktop build from its page.

How to play

Interact to begin. Move forward and backward to scrub through time. Turn to pan and adjust the kaleidoscopic visualizer. Play and rewind at various speeds. Randomize the song at any time.

Keyboard, gamepad, and touch controls provide a variety of ways to interrogate its environments and find the perfect soundscape. Please reference its page to learn its controls.

Enjoy whatever you take from it!