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Introducing Auraboros

An endless audio bullet hell game

Devour singularities or be assimilated in this submission to Ludum Dare 47. Auraboros is an audio game that’s best experienced with headphones.

Play in your browser

Use the embed below or open the game in a new window:

Auraboros performs best in the latest version of a Chromium-based browser. If you’re experiencing issues in your browser, then please download a desktop build from its page.

How to play

Auraboros is an endless shooter with bullet hell and reverse tower defense influences. During each timeline you embody a singularity at the genesis of spacetime. Rival singularities emerge from wormholes that perforate its fabric. Eject particles to disrupt their gravity and outmaneuver them to avoid certain assimilation.

Auraboros supports a variety of input devices with controls that are comparable to standard first-person shooters. Please reference its page to learn more.

Blast off and let me know your best scores!