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soundStrider v0.12.0

Optimizations and polish

The latest soundStrider update improves the overall state of the game and its codebase. Included with this update are major performance optimizations, improvements to world generation, and some graphical enhancements. Continue reading to find the latest patch notes and learn more.

A slight detour

Due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. very loud and prolonged construction work outside) I could not work on the sounds I had planned to release this week. Instead I refocused my efforts on resolving outstanding issues and furthering tasks related to quests and the inventory system.

Part of this update involved refactoring over four dozen sounds for performance, resulting in up to a 75% reduction in CPU load in complex scenes. Paul Adenot’s Web Audio API performance and debugging notes were extremely helpful in making these possible. My hope is that these optimizations allow for larger and more complex scenes as soundStrider’s Adventure mode grows.

This update also includes changes to how some props traverse the world. A new drunken walking algorithm breathes new life into soundStrider’s terrestrial wildlife. Later updates will standardize the behaviors of every prop so they’re easier to reason with and change. Ultimately I intend to leverage these behaviors as interchangeable plugins so that a wandering prop can seamlessly follow the player when it enters their inventory.

Alpha 5 changes

  • Optimized palettes
    • Beach
    • Classic
    • Desert
    • Elemental
    • Forest
    • Industrial
    • Limbic
    • Mainframe
    • Storm
    • Tundra
  • Decoupled world generation from streaming
    • Generate world chunks in advance
    • Adjust prop density
    • Bookmarks are affected by this update
  • Improved prop behavior
    • Implemented drunken walk algorithm for terrestrial props
    • Standardized footstep emission for terrestrial props
  • Miscellaneous
    • Reduce visualizer sensitivity for players with photosensitivity
    • Add subtle animation to visualizer bin heights
    • Respect players’ prefers-reduced-motion setting
    • Add exploration node to starting location
    • Fixed artifacts on compass waypoint changes

Back on track

The next update will bring players to the Wetland palette. Sounds of waterfowl and insects will populate the spaces between its forests and beaches. Early access players should expect that late next week.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this update. Be sure to share your favorite bookmarks below and wishlist soundStrider on Steam.