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Fishyphus v0.1.0

Day one build

Fishyphus is a fishing horror game being developed for Games for Blind Gamers 2. It’s a love letter to everyone who asked me to add sea critters to my game S.E.A. despite never getting that far.

My objective for the first 24 hours of the jam was to carve out as large of a vertical slice as possible. In this first playable build, the boat is drivable and the reaper is in chase. It also includes basic audio, graphics, and user interface elements.

After getting set up with my template project and finalizing my game design document yesterday, here’s what I completed today:

  • Keeping track and displaying the current and high scores.
  • Mapping and documenting the controls within the manual.
  • Implementing the controls with a tank-like movement system.
  • Spawning the reaper, managing its state, and checking for lose conditions.
  • Implementing the splash, main menu, and game over screens.
  • Synthesizing placeholder sounds for the current velocity and reaper position.
  • Drawing the sky and flat water surface with pleasant colors.

I’m excited for the pace that I’ve set for this project already. For the next build I’d like to add collectible fish that increment the high score. Ultimately these will just be placeholders for a fully developed fishing minigame. However, this work will unblock other tasks related to sound design, haptics, and graphics in upcoming sprints.