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Fishyphus v0.10.0

More tutorial build

Today I received feedback from a friend who helped me understand what I’m still not communicating in the tutorial or game manual. I’m very grateful for that.

This build adds ten new hints which briefly explain every mechanic of Fishyphus. To read them all, you must fish and die, over and over again.

Tonight’s progress included:

  • Identifying and writing the missing hints.
  • Implementing a system which cycles unread hints until exhausted.
  • Improving how the ship changes direction for fun, not realism.
  • Adding more turbulence to the ocean when death is near.

I recognize that the tutorial screen does the bare minimum to onboard players into what is actually quite a complex game. Moving forward I might iterate on its functionality and usefulness as time permits.

I’ll be taking a break from the game tomorrow in preparation for the next sprint. My goal for the weekend is to implement the reaper’s music, with the intent to add more directionality and flavor to its sound. Hearing it should inspire dread—or relief.