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Releasing on August 22, 2024

Expansion reveal forthcoming

Greetings surveyors!

I’m excited to announce that Periphery Synthetic will be fully released on Steam and for Windows, Linux, and Steam Deck on August 22, 2024. The EP offers a chill and non-violent metroidvania experience across procedurally-generated musical playgrounds, which feature purely synthesized music and sounds that evolve and react in real-time. Following nearly two years of early access, its full release includes dozens of new features, enhancements, and fixes such as the remaining story content, treasures to collect, and achievements to unlock.

This comes after an exclusive demo for the wildly-successful Access-Ability Summer Showcase 2024. Christian Donlan of Eurogamer likened it to MirrorMoon, Soundvoyager for GBA, and Outer Wilds that can be played even when I close my eyes. Similarly, Geoffrey Bunting of The Verge praised its startlingly robust soundscape as one of the most interesting blind-friendly games I’ve encountered. I’m pleased to hear they enjoyed it!

Remember that the full release is just another milestone along a much larger journey. Closer to release I’ll be revealing the first expansion, which has been under active development for a few weeks now. The expansion will be free to all players and adds a fourth world to the EP: Alpha Periphery D2. While working on the expansion, I will continue to support the EP with new features and fixes that could not be included on release day. These will be delivered as minor updates when they’re ready.

That’s not to say that the full release will be incomplete, or that the EP is transitioning to a live service model. On release the EP will be a complete artistic statement. However, it has been designed in such a way that I can continue to expand it for as long as I have the inspiration and motivation. This first expansion will be the first real test of this model—and whether I can sustain it—after it leaves early access for a larger general audience. If that goes well, then I have a few other worlds in mind to add next!

I regret not having an exciting new trailer to also show off with this announcement! However, not much has changed visually since the previous trailer. Instead, I’d like to save my energy for when there is something entirely new to show, such as a timelapse flythrough of the new world. The reveal might showcase how it’s the most colorful and dynamic world yet.

I’m excited to reveal more to you soon. In the meantime, these last perceptions won’t write themselves. Thanks for playing!

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