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Project Ephemera v0.1.0

Silent boot build

Hello jammers!

Thank you for joining me for SYNTH jam. For one month we’re building delightful audio toys. This is the start of my submission.

Since deciding to organize this jam, I’ve been unable to commit to a single idea. Instead, I’m using the jam to explore an assortment of weird ideas over several long weekends, and packaging them together into a neat compilation.

After releasing the latest update for Periphery Synthetic EP, I cloned my template repository and finished this today:

  • Finding appropriate fonts for the visual identity.
  • Designing a simple splash screen for capturing a user gesture.
  • Implementing a boot screen with an animated logo sequence.
  • Building the main menu screen.
  • Defining the basic demo structure and some test demos.
  • Building the demo selection screen.
  • Adding a dynamic film grain effect.

Beware that selecting a level will result in a soft lock.

My goal for the weekend is to add sounds to the boot sequence and menus. Once complete, I can focus on planning the minigames for later sprints.