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Reflecting on 2021

Refocusing in 2022

Last year was very productive for me. S.E.A. received a year of expansive post-jam updates. E.X.O. was one of ten excellent submissions to No Video Jam 2. And I created Wurmus, Chimera, and Bladius for various jams.

I’m proud of this work and the lessons I learned along the way. S.E.A. deepened my understanding of graphics. E.X.O. launched an interest in procedural terrain generation. Wurmus provided new insights into optimization. Chimera gave me new ways to handle polyphony. And Bladius showed me the strengths of component-based architecture.

Last month I took a break from game development to focus on my mental health. This distance has shown me that I need a much longer break from it. Unfortunately this means that any updates I’ve promised are postponed. I apologize for any inconvenience.

I don’t know yet what 2022 will bring. I’m exhasted and overwhelmed by the amount of work these games need to be perfect. While working on them my most favorite tasks were designing their musical systems and soundtracks. I’m curious what I might build if I removed interactivity as a requirement. So that’s one thing I’m excited to explore.

It’ll be here when there’s more to share. Thanks for understanding.