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S.E.A. v1.0.0

Jam submission

The final build of S.E.A. has been uploaded for its submission to No Video Jam. It reflects today’s progress:

  • adding basic compass rose cues while turning
  • creating and including accessible user documentation with all downloaded copies
Spoiler Warning
  • rerouting most audio into a submix so that scanning ducks all other sounds
  • disallowing scanning while on the surface
  • pausing time while scanning so its results are accurate to when the button was pressed
  • squashing a rare yet critical bug that locked all audio when treasure was spawned
  • giving players the ability to scan backwards

This build comes with one known issue that was encountered after I updated my browser to Chromium 85. Occasionally you may hear clicks in the audio while moving or turning. For the best experience, please download a desktop build, which contains an earlier yet working version of Chromium. Thanks for understanding.

It was my pleasure to host the jam and create this weird game for y’all. I’m so excited to play all the submissions. Enjoy your time in the S.E.A.!