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S.E.A. v1.1.0

Post-jam update

The first post-jam release of S.E.A. includes a major upgrade to its engine, a graphical heads-up-display, and more settings to tweak. Perhaps there are more secrets to reveal as well?

Spoiler Warning

This release includes several enhancements to its underwater gameplay. Visually reconstruct the shapes of the ocean floor with minimalist graphics. Collect from an expanded set of random treasures and junk. Track your playtime with new statistics. And waste no further time with the new fast travel system.

v1.1.0 changes

  • Upgraded to latest version of syngen
    • Implemented new movement model
    • Some sounds and physics may behave differently
  • Added graphical heads-up-display
    • Added compass
    • Fade opacity when idle
  • Improved sound design
    • Added panning to compass cues
  • Split settings into multiple screens
    • Added Audio Mixer screen with existing settings
    • Added Controls screen with existing settings
    • Added Graphics screen
      • Added toggle for enabling graphics (on by default)
      • Added sliders for Field of View, HUD Opacity, and Motion Blur
Spoiler Warning
  • Added underwater graphics
    • Added depth meter
    • Added scanned points
    • Added treasure hints
  • Added Fast Travel screen
    • Added fast travel to floor
    • Added fast travel to origin
    • Added fast travel to surface
  • Added Gameplay settings screen
    • Added toggle for Treasure Hints (on by default)
    • Added toggle for Treasure Notifications (on by default)
  • Added new statistics
    • Fast travels
    • Scans
    • Scan results
    • Time idle
    • Time in air
    • Time in caves
    • Time on surface
    • Time underwater
  • Improved treasure
    • Added more adjectives
    • Added more nouns
    • Added more surnames
    • Added treasure collection notifications
    • Guaranteed treasure spawns on first successful scan
    • Unlock fast travel to floor after first pickup
  • Miscellaneous
    • Implemented new collision model


The future of S.E.A. is bright and exciting. The next minor release is all about new content. If you’re comfortable with spoilers, then you’ll be happy to learn that I keep a detailed roadmap for S.E.A. in its GitHub repository.

Known issues

This release represents a major rewrite of the game to work with its new engine. I’m very excited to share this release with you, and I would be lying to say everything works perfectly.

Comment here, on the game page, or open an issue to notify me of any issues or suggestions. If I can’t incorporate them in a hotfix, then I hope to include them in a minor release.