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Wurmus v1.1.0

Post-jam update

Wurmus has received a significant post-jam update just in time for its submission to BlindJam2!

Collect power-ups that grant stability, inflict fear, and taunt your foes. Watch new screen animations and particle effects. Nod along to triumphant new title music. Toggle off graphics to enjoy Wurmus as an audio game. And of course there’s a variety of polish and fixes to ensure it’s the best version yet.


v1.1.0 changes

  • Power-ups
    • Added power-ups which are occasionally attached to opponents
    • Added audio and visual cues for power-ups
    • Added power-up which grants stability to all allies
    • Added power-up which inflicts fear on all opponents
    • Added power-up which taunts all opponents
    • Added point bonuses for collecting power-ups
    • Added taunt status effect that makes opponents chase the head
  • Audio
    • Added directional cues to indicate new enemy spawns
    • Added title theme music
    • Limited maximum number of active footstep sounds
    • Improved performance by reusing certain oscillators
    • Reworked various sounds and levels for clarity
  • Gameplay
    • Added evasive ally behaviors to reduce player collisions
    • Added evasive enemy behaviors at higher difficulties
    • Added stability bonuses to multiple captures
    • Fixed stability not applying to newly captured allies
    • Made first tail member always invincible to the player
  • Graphics
    • Added animations to screens and transitions between them
    • Added fade in to new actor spawns
    • Added particle effects to collisions and power-ups
    • Added stability indicator for actors
    • Improved accessibility of team colors
  • User interface
    • Added button to toggle in-game graphics
    • Added button to toggle music on title screens
    • Fixed escape key not exiting while in-game for desktop builds
    • Increased mouse sensitivity
    • Updated documentation to reflect changes