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Wurmus v1.2.0

Steam release

Hi folks!

I’m excited to announce that Wurmus is now available for free on Steam for Windows, Linux, and Steam Deck. This release brings a plethora of changes to make it the best version yet.

The goal of this release was to leave no aspect of the game unpolished. With enhanced AI, your friends behave more Snake-like—and your enemies more cunning. This led to several balance changes which produce longer and more unpredictable games. And it would not be complete without a variety of graphical enhancements, audio optimizations, and quality-of-life improvements.


Release trailer

To celebrate the release, I captured a few runs, and edited the highest-scoring one into a trailer which shows off the new changes. The full nine-minute run netted me 36,328 points, and with fewer mistakes could likely have went much longer:

v1.2.0 changes

  • Gameplay
    • Friends behave more orderly
    • Enemies behave more strategically
    • Enemies spawn more quickly
    • Enemy difficulty scales more slowly
    • Power-ups spawn more frequently
    • Power-ups behave more consistently
    • Power-ups apply more score
  • Graphics
    • Camera dynamically zooms to fit most action
    • Particle effects are more intense
    • Power-up names appear when collected
    • Interface elements are more animated
    • Menu buttons have better focus states
  • User interface
    • Supported controllers now vibrate
    • The game can be paused
    • The game automatically pauses when it loses focus
    • The game can quit to desktop from the menu
    • Mouse cursor lock behaves more consistently
  • Audio
    • Limited maximum number of audible sounds
  • Documentation
    • Manual reflects the new changes
    • Tables have better accessibility
  • Application
    • Updated desktop builds to Electron 26
    • Redesigned application icon

Download on Steam