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soundStrider v0.5.0

Summoning sunshine and sand

The latest version of soundStrider doubles its number of sounds with the addition of its beach and desert palettes. Combined with its new dynamic wind system, no two moments or locations are ever quite alike as the sand and its imaginative secrets drift in the wind.

Continue reading to learn more about the latest excerpts uploaded to the shiftBacktick SoundCloud page.

Introducing the Beach palette

Put down a towel and relax to this excerpt from the beach:

With the beach palette my goal was to provide a calming simulation of regular ocean tides. Accents of seagulls, buoy bells, and the occasional crab suggest somewhere nice and tropical. It’s the perfect vacation destination for deep meditation, studying, and sleep.

Introducing the Desert palette

Venturing further from the beach, the textures become drier and more desolate in the following excerpt:

The desert palette is largely an experiment with applying filters and amplitude modulation to noise sources. The vast spaces between its musical geysers and reptilian life are filled with sands that shift over time. Although they may sound frightening, danger here exists only in the mind.

Dynamic wind system

A dynamic wind system was implemented to create an evolving texture of relaxing noise. Driven by two fields of three-dimensional Perlin noise, every location in space has a wind speed and direction that changes over time. While these values are primarily used to automate its binaural noise generator, they can also be queried by props—such as the desert’s dunes—to control their movements and sonic properties.

The timelapse below demonstrates the endless possibilities it can produce over six in-game days:

I’m looking forward to creating more props that hook into the wind system to produce a variety of textures and behaviors.

Next destinations

A treacherous hike across a frozen lake and my lifelong fascination with space inspire our next destinations: the tundra and astral palettes. Their cold and sublime textures entice us further from the warmth of our campfire.

Excitingly, this post marks six weeks since I began developing soundStrider full-time, so I’d like to say thanks to everyone who helped make this possible and fun for me. To everyone who eagerly checks in about early playtesting: I share your excitement. There will be more information about the alpha release sometime next month.

Until then, the next point releases will keep me busy. Stay warm!