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soundStrider Demo

Explore the elemental palette today

After three months of development, the soundStrider demo has arrived! In this demo of the elemental palette, players can explore infinite soundscapes of peaceful ambient music. Continue reading to play soundStrider in your browser and secure your early access by pre-ordering today.

Play in your browser

Use the embed below or open soundStrider in a new window. Desktop builds for Windows and Linux users are also available via

How to play

soundStrider is an auditory exploration game and relaxation tool designed for playing closed-eyed. Explore and appreciate its environments at your own pace. In this demo specifically, one valid way to play is to enter Free Roam and toggle Auto Move to hear endless hours of unique ambient music.

Each new world is born from a seed. It can be any word or phrase you select, or simply allow the game to randomly generate one for you. Every seed is full of limitless possibilities by determining the arrangement and qualities of every sound you hear.

Starting a new Adventure provides a more structured experience for folks who desire an objective. Occasionally it will spawn exploration quests for you to complete. With its spatial compass system, you should have no problems arriving at your next destination.

Finally, its convenient Bookmarks system provides an easy way to revisit and share your favorite locations with friends. Beware that any bookmarks saved in the demo are incompatible with the full version.


soundStrider has full support for keyboards and standard gamepads. Mouse and touch are currently only supported throughout its menus. Screen reader users will enjoy full support for assistive technologies.

Keyboard users can use W A S D for movement, Q E for orientation, and R to toggle Auto Move. Gamepad users can press Y to toggle Auto Move. Please visit for a full reference of its alternative controls.

Pre-order today

Are you enjoying your expeditions through the elemental palette and eagerly awaiting more? Pre-ordering soundStrider on will support its ongoing development and grant you immediate access when its alpha is released in the coming weeks:

In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite bookmarks in the comments. Thanks for playing!