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soundStrider v0.6.0

To the tundra and beyond

The latest version of soundStrider expands its textures with the addition of its tundra and astral palettes. Bridging the gap between its desert and elemental palettes, they leverage a variety of synthesis techniques to evoke the chill of winter and the vastness of space.

Continue reading to learn more about the latest excerpts uploaded to the shiftBacktick SoundCloud page.

Introducing the Tundra palette

You’ll want to wear a hat and gloves for this excerpt from the tundra:

Granular synthesis was leveraged to create its wintry textures of falling snow and creaking ice. In daylight players will encounter gumpy muskox and chase timid hares across its frozen landscapes. Those who stay out after dark will fear its howling wolves and marvel at its melodic, oscillating aurorae.

Introducing the Astral palette

The textures lengthen and smear as we transcend the magnetosphere in the excerpt below:

The astral palette replicates an evening at the planetarium. A simple physics simulation drives the uniform circular motion of its stellar bodies as they orbit the player. The ratios between each orbit produce complex and evolving systems that never repeat at practical timescales. The result is a clockwork of swirling tones that react to players’ movements.

Next destinations

The next point release will complete the first half of soundStrider’s explorable areas. Its storm palette will provide a soothing white noise machine that reacts to its dynamic wind system. In contrast, its industrial palette will introduce a metallic dissonance that grinds and hums at mechanical intervals.

Early access is still several weeks away. In the meantime, be sure to explore the elemental palette while you wait.