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E.X.O. v0.1.0

No Video Jam 2 has officially begun!

To prepare for the jam I started writing a game design document over the past several days. My goal with this submission is to build upon what I’ve learned from S.E.A. to explore a fresh setting and new game mechanics.

Here’s what I managed to finish today:

  • initializing my repository using my game engine as a template
  • porting and customizing boilerplate code from S.E.A., including:
    • autosave and storage system
    • game and screen state management
    • access hotkeys
    • gameplay statistics
    • user settings
    • accessible menu screens and components
    • basic graphical rendering
  • developing a visual identity for the game and this page
  • defining keyboard and gamepad controls
  • outlining user documentation
  • implementing lateral movement, turning, and sprinting
  • transitioning between bipedal and wheeled modes

This build is playable but not very interesting. You can transform and zoom around a flat white plain in silence. Tomorrow I’d like to implement vertical movement and outline aspects of the vehicle sound design.