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E.X.O. v0.2.0

Today I lost a lot of productivity to getting stuck on calculating reflection vectors. That’s still unresolved, but I need to move on. This build is still silent, but includes terrain generated by a sine function to experiment with all of the movement abilities.

  • defining controls for vertical movement
  • implementing jumping in bipedal form
  • applying low gravity so jumps return to the surface
  • detecting collisions with the surface
  • calculating the surface slope
  • reflecting collisions for a few bounces before landing
  • allowing pilots to hop repeatedly by holding jump
  • engaging jump jets on double jump
  • allowing jump jets from ground while in wheeled form
  • cutting off jump jets after a maximum duration
  • various optimizations

Tomorrow I want to begin work on supporting sound and haptic feedback. This includes making the movement system observable with events, and adding a stress system which simulates pilots’ heart and respiratory rates.