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E.X.O. v1.0.0

Jam submission

The final build of E.X.O. has been uploaded for its submission to No Video Jam 2. Explore an icy exoplanet in a versatile and upgradable exosuit. A gamepad and headphones are recommended for the best experience.

Today was spent polishing the game for submission:

  • observing when the player is idle
  • tracking idle time as a statistic
  • ramping the music fader after sufficient idle time
  • rolling a custom reverb impulse for the soundtrack
  • adding a music volume slider
  • optimizing music when volume is set to zero
  • implementing the recycler upgrade
  • recycling collected materials when inventory is full
  • exposing recycled materials as a statistic
  • notifying players on recycled materials
  • various tweaks and fixes
  • building for Windows and Linux

It was my pleasure to help host the second No Video Jam. Please join me in playing and rating all of our submissions. Enjoy!