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E.X.O. v0.14.0

Today I implemented a dynamic soundtrack that evolves over time and altitude. From the ground, it provides a consonant backdrop while searching for materials. Harmonic components fade in and evolve as pilots with fully upgraded exosuits lift off and explore the tenuous atmosphere.

  • implementing the dynamic soundtrack
  • improving collision detection on slopes
  • routing material sounds to a controllable bus
  • ducking material sounds on notification sounds
  • improving the overall mix
  • revising material sounds to complement the music
  • improving material spawning
  • adding an update system (but still breaking saves, my bad)
  • tracking available upgrades as materials are collected
  • notifying pilots of available upgrades
  • adding statistics for materials spent and crafted upgrades
  • various tweaks and fixes

Overall I’m quite pleased with this project and I’m looking forward to sharing tomorrow’s build with the community. To get there, I will be focusing on outstanding documentation tasks and any loose ends that arise from playtests.