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E.X.O. v1.1.0

Post-jam update

The post-jam update for E.X.O. brings a vertical slice of improvements based on pilots’ feedback since the conclusion of No Video Jam 2. Thanks to everyone who participated; there were so many submissions to love!

With this release I feel that E.X.O. is in a very good place. Please let me know in the comments if you encounter any issues. I’m looking forward to bringing what I learned from this project back into S.E.A. for its next update.


Key features

  • Attractors upgrade. Pull adjacent materials toward the E.X.O. with this new upgrade track. Increasing levels expand the radius of attraction.
  • Downgrades. Tune the E.X.O. exactly to your liking. Recoup some material costs with each downgrade.
  • Material cues. Follow new audio and visual cues toward nearby materials. When sonifying terrain, metal detector sounds lead pilots to collectible orbs.
  • New Game Plus. Freely explore new world seeds without losing any upgrades. A new confirmation screen prevents accidental loss of progress.
  • Upper atmosphere. Enjoy new sounds, sights, and physics while exploring the upper atmosphere. Eventually it’s too thin to refuel jump jets, leaving pilots to fall to terminal velocity.

v1.1.0 changes

  • Accessibility
    • Added access hotkeys for height and velocity
    • Added height and velocity to Status screen
    • Added cue for when synthesis is complete
    • Added z-coordinate to coordinates hotkey
    • Exposed unavailable upgrades to screen readers
    • Fixed access hotkeys clicking first item instead of focusing
    • Improved verbosity of access hotkey alerts
    • Rearranged coordinates and heading on Status screen
  • Audio
    • Added cue for jets running out of fuel
    • Added cues for nearby materials when sonifying terrain
    • Added binaural sub bass that fades in at extreme altitudes
    • Added support for wind at extreme velocities
    • Boosted faraway material sounds
    • Tweaked some material sounds for clarity
  • Graphics
    • Added nearby material cues
    • Added procedurally generated stars
    • Added total eclipse of main star behind parent planet
    • Faded out background to black on high altitudes
    • Increased default draw distance to 35
  • Materials
    • Added gravitation toward player when attractors are online
    • Fixed materials sometimes spawning abruptly
    • Reweighted spawn chances based on cost demands
  • Movement
    • Applied atmospheric drag proportional to pressure and speed
    • Reduced recharge of jump jets at lower atmospheric pressures
  • Simulation
    • Simulate atmospheric pressure and gravity as functions of altitude
  • Terrain
    • Added lowland and highland biomes for better extremes
    • Adjusted range of mountain slopes
    • Increased overall detail of generated terrain
  • Upgrades
    • Added ability to downgrade upgrades
    • Added attractors upgrade which attracts nearby materials
    • Added fifth level cargo racks
    • Added fourth level upgrades for most upgrade tracks
    • Fixed recycled materials not saving correctly
    • Recoup some material costs when downgrading upgrades
  • User interface
    • Added confirmation when starting a new game
    • Added exosuit level to Status screen
    • Added New Game Plus option to keep upgrades when starting a new game
    • Added downgrades to Statistics screen