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E.X.O. v1.2.0

Lost graphical upgrade

Recently I was rummaging through some older code repositories. There I remembered that E.X.O. had some unreleased changes. This release ties up those loose ends and sets them free.

While working on The Deep Update I found several graphical optimizations that could be applied here as well. With better caching and culling, the default draw distance could be tripled. This led to a few other graphical enhancements to complete the upgrade. Yet I never released the changes due to my mental health at the time.

Revisiting this two years later was an unexpected treat! Deep within was a roadmap which foreshadowed what would become Periphery Synthetic EP: how to procedurally-generate craters, how to improve the haptic feedback, new sounds, and new upgrades. The ambitions here and with S.E.A. showed me that I needed to change my approach.

Unfortunately, this is not that release. I feel it’s unnecessary to change what has already been improved upon in the remake. However, I spent a few days finishing what was started in August 2021. That included redesigning the application icon, making sure everything was up-to-date, and adding a nonintrusive advertisement for the remake.

All said, I hope this was worth the wait. Enjoy!

v1.2.0 changes

  • Graphics
    • Added variable radius to stars
    • Improved performance of terrain rendering
    • Increased default and maximum draw distance values
    • Fixed star projection
  • Simulation
    • Added stellar parallax to stars
    • Reduced year duration from 30 to 22 minutes
  • User interface
    • Fixed formatting of coordinates on Status screen
    • Improved accessibility of tables in manual
    • Redesigned application icon
    • Added dismissible ad for Periphery Synthetic EP
  • Miscellaneous
    • Upgraded to latest version of syngen
    • Upgraded desktop builds to Electron 27

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