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Fishyphus v0.3.0

Slightly musical build

On my lunch break today, I released a v0.2.1 update which resolved a hard lock when starting the game under certain conditions. I also published the online manual.

Tonight I made more substantial progress than I had anticipated:

  • Refining the layouts of the main menu and game over screens.
  • Adding the current and high scores to the main menu screen.
  • Reworking the score indicator into a notification toast system.
  • Allowing the tab key to dismiss the splash and game over screens.
  • Allowing the back button to go from the main menu to the splash screen.
  • Allowing fishing at lower velocities without requiring a complete stop.
  • Generating and synthesizing melodies for the fish.
  • Synthesizing a relaxing ambient ocean soundscape.

This is the first build where the audio feels less like a placeholder. In future builds I definitely need to make continuous improvements to the audio like this. For example, there needs to be cues which lead sailors toward fishing spots, and then signifiers when it’s appropriate to fish. I hope to include those enhancements soon.