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Fishyphus v0.6.0

The fishing build

My objective for the weekend was to implement the fishing minigame. However, I was not expecting to make such substantial progress in one day, so I guess I’ll be treating myself to brunch tomorrow! 🎉

This build adds the fishing minigame, including all of its stages and their associated cues. The audio alone consists of eleven cues, which telegraph every aspect of the minigame. While the haptics only respond to key moments, they make it playable at low and silent volumes too.

Today’s progress included:

  • Implementing the minigame’s casting phase and its cues.
  • Adding the ability to stop casting at any depth.
  • Implementing the minigame’s waiting phase and its cues.
  • Adding the ability to cancel waiting and reel in an empty line.
  • Implementing the minigame’s reeling phase and its cues.
  • Adding the ability to mash the button to speed up reeling.
  • Dropping anchor to start the fishing minigame at any speed.
  • Adjusting the mix and visuals during the minigame.
  • Conveying the best time to cast around fishing spots.
  • Tightening the initial reaper position for a harder early game.

Now with all the core features implemented, I’ll be focusing on polishing the existing feature set within the next few builds. That may include some missing sounds for the reaper and tuning the game’s pacing. I’m excited to then figure out what to do for the rest of the jam.