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Fishyphus v0.5.0

Slightly confirming build

I’ve been recovering from an illness for the past few days, so it felt good to finally return to the project! This build continues to polish the existing feature set in preparation for the next sprint.

Tonight’s progress included:

  • Spawning particles above current fish locations.
  • Randomizing the directions that fish swim.
  • Adding a button and confirmation screen to clear all progress.
  • Adding a confirmation screen before starting a new game.
  • Revising the verbiage on all screens for clarity.
  • Implementing the bonus system seeded by the previous high score.
  • Applying a bonus to the reaper starting position.
  • Applying a bonus to the reaper stun timer when stunned.
  • Adding slight randomness to the ship movement sound.

This weekend I’m excited to begin implementing the fishing minigame. The next build will include its basic skeleton which future builds will iterate upon. Once working and sounding as intended, I’ll be able to start balancing the game for an ideal pacing.