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Fishyphus v1.0.0

Jam edition

Ahoy sailors!

I’m excited to announce the release of Fishyphus, a fishing horror roguelite developed for Games for Blind Gamers 2. In it, you catch fish repeatedly to grow stronger against a creeping death. The game is set against an ambient electronic soundscape of dualing modes and minimalist melodies.

Throughout the jam I published regular releases with devlogs like these. However, the game was becoming a source of stress and anxiety, which encouraged me to take a break and then work more slowly. This build is the result of having fresh ears, demonstrating incremental progress across all aspects of the project.

With my final playtest, I realized that I have no more to do or say with Fishyphus today. Within the context of this jam, the game is complete, and I welcome your feedback. I’m excited to play and review the other submissions as they come in.

Afterwards, I’ll be resuming development on Periphery Synthetic EP following a short break. Its recent Side B release doubled its size with an explorable ice moon. Coming soon is a third explorable world with many similarities to Fishyphus.


v1.0.0 changes

  • Cleared previous saves due to fundamental changes.
  • Revised tutorial and new game experience.
  • Improved directionality of fishing spot cues.
  • Added cues for looking toward fishing spots.
  • Added cues for when the ship accelerates or brakes.
  • Added cues for entering the sweet spot for fishing.
  • Allowed pressing of any analog stick to fish.
  • Added cues for bad fishing minigame timings.
  • Fixed a few bugs with minigame audio cues.
  • Added a slider for turning speed to settings screen.
  • Reduced default turning speed by half.
  • Boosted reaper volume during stun application.
  • Improved color and density of particle effects.
  • Updated the game manual with more tips.
  • Added a favicon and new screenshots.

v1.0.1 changes

  • Fixed visual bug when wrapping particle coordinates.
  • Fixed missing application icon.

v1.0.2 changes

  • Added visual status indicators for fishing minigame.
  • Blanked all game screen text when graphics are off.
  • Prevented movement on first tutorial.