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Fishyphus v1.0.3

Post-jam hotfix

Ahoy sailors!

The latest version of Fishyphus addresses a few bugs that were observed during the jam rating periods. It was my pleasure to review a plethora of submissions to Games for Blind Gamers 2, Marathon Jam 3, and Game Develop Month. Well done, everyone!

This update coincides with the first beta release of syngen v2.0.0, which adds experimental support for Firefox. Beware that the game does not sound as intended despite now being playable. This is due to fundamental differences between how Chromium and Firefox implement the Web Audio API. I do not intend to explore better support at this time.

Thanks for playing!

v1.0.3 changes

  • Prevented accidental double input during the minigame.
  • Prevented engine sounds during the minigame.
  • Made the minigame cancel cue more obvious.
  • Improved experimental and unsupported Firefox support.