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Roadmap update and FAQ

Side B is feature-complete!

Greetings surveyors!

I’m excited to announce that Side B is now feature-complete! This free content expansion will introduce a new musical world to explore, complete with new movement abilities, new materials to collect, and a continuation of its story. Over the next few months my focus will be finalizing its music, sound design, and narrative texts for an April release.

In the meantime, I would like to share an updated roadmap for the new year, as well as answers to some frequently-asked questions. Continue reading to learn how the development timeline has changed.

Roadmap for 2023

A few important milestones have shifted since my previous roadmap update. While progress is overall ahead of schedule, due to mental health reasons a few items will receive more time. Here is the updated schedule:

Spring 2023: Tentative v1.2.0 update

There are a quite a few spoiler-free changes in the pipeline that could potentially be released before Side B is ready. For example, the upgrades have been reorganized into systems and subsystems to make them easier to navigate and understand. I’m excited for the other quality-of-life enhancements it may bring.

Spring 2023: Side B release

This free content expansion is a remake of my game E.X.O. that doubles the amount of available content. It includes a new world to explore, ten new materials, two new abilities with multiple upgrade tracks, and over 1,000 new words of text. With new flight abilities, surveyors will have no problem navigating the treacherous heights of Alpha Periphery C2.

Note: The price will increase by $1 with this update.

Summer 2023: Steam Next Fest and Demo release

I completely missed the deadline to submit to Steam Next Fest this upcoming month. Instead, the demo build will be submitted to the following Steam Next Fest this summer. It includes the entirety of Side A, with the ability to migrate progress into the full build. A screen will be added on startup which explains any demo limitations.

Winter 2023: Side C and Steam release

This free content expansion is a remake of my game S.E.A. with a similar amount of content as Side B. Likewise, it includes a new world to explore, ten new materials, three new abilities with multiple upgrade tracks, and over 1,000 new words of text. With new swimming and passive abilities, surveyors may descend into caves in search for lost treasures, or ascend to the surface to surf waves and enjoy the tropical vibes of Alpha Periphery C.

Note: The price will again increase by $1 with this update.

Spring 2024: Additional content announcements

I’m not quite ready to announce the future of Periphery Synthetic EP. My intention is to use it as a platform to continue building these sorts of experiences, albeit at a more leisurely pace, now that the EP is in a presentable state. Currently the story is structured for six sides, but this could be shortened or expanded as I enter preproduction for its next phase.

Frequently-asked questions

Here are answers to some frequently-asked questions about the EP that I’ve compiled from channels I don’t typically check:

When is the Steam release?

The EP will be released on Steam when Side C is complete.

Previously I had wanted it to release with the Side B update. However, I would like to fulfil my promise to remake my games S.E.A. and E.X.O. by releasing them as one cohesive package. I believe this will result in the highest quality experience for newcomers and longtime supporters alike.

How much will the EP cost when released on Steam?

The EP will cost $2.99 USD when released on Steam.

Remember that its price increases by $1 with each side, and all copies include access to all future sides, so it’s best to purchase a copy now via before the Side B release. I’m sorry that I can’t offer Steam keys with the free community copies. Your support is greatly appreciated!

I have a bug report, new feature idea, or some other support need. How do I contact you?

Due to mental health reasons it’s difficult for me to stay connected most of the time. I am making incremental progress, with the goal to ideally feel well enough to return to my mountain of Discord notifications. I’m also considering hiring a community manager who can help me navigate the harder aspects of this labor of love.

In the meantime, the best way to contact me is by posting a topic on Otherwise, I try my best to check known channels once per release cycle to respond to feedback.

What inspires you to make games like this?

Someday I would like to dedicate an entire post to this. Perhaps that can be a topic of this EP’s postmortem.

In summary, these projects are my artistic escape from our dystopic reality. My game development journey began right before the pandemic started when I suddenly had an abundance of free time. My background and strengths led me to make interactive audio experiences with synthesizers. And my struggles with mental health—and deep interest in ambient music and psychedelics—have informed the directions they take.

Coming soon

Suffice to say, the upcoming year will be filled with interesting challenges. I’m excited to continue this momentum and share the Side B release and future progress with you soon.

Thanks for reading!

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