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Periphery Synthetic EP v0.4.2

Quick patch

Greetings surveyors!

Right before I was to leave for a camping trip, I learned that the game was featured on the front page of This build has some improvements that were in the works for when I returned in a week. It also allows you to play directly in the browser here.


v0.4.2 changes

  • Added indicators to menus when upgrades are available.
  • Improved mouse controls, with the intention to completely rework later.
  • Made many small mixing adjustments to improve material audibility.
  • Added quit confirmation for Ctrl+W combinations in HTML builds.
  • Implemented the new insights system behind the scenes.

Newly known issues

  • Audio pops and dropouts related to when many materials are nearby.
  • Mouse controls are pretty bad, but less bad than previous builds.