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Periphery Synthetic EP v0.4.4

Big feedback patch

Greetings surveyors!

Thanks for your feedback and patience while I was out. It was very restorative to take some time away from the project.

A large number of changes have been made to address feedback over the past two weeks. These include more controlled jumping, new audio and haptic cues, and a variety of small tweaks.

Before you plug in, please beware that the overall volume is slightly louder. After this patch, I’m excited to ready Side A for its full release. This includes discoverable locations, the ability to fast travel, and collectible journals that introduce surveyors to the abandoned worlds of Alpha Periphery.

More information is forthcoming. In the meantime, here are some excerpts from Side A to enjoy while I continue work on the final release:


v0.4.3 changes

  • Core Audio
    • Increased overall mix loudness.
    • Added sounds when charging jumps.
    • Added sounds for vertical look changes.
    • Added sounds when the Repulsors are used.
    • Reworked scan cues for audibility.
    • Limited the number of collectible sounds audible at a time.
    • Reduced idle timeout for music fade.
  • Core Controls
    • Added haptics to jump charging.
    • Added haptics to scan results.
    • Reworked mouse controls to behave more consistently.
    • Reworked vertical look to use same physics as turning.
  • Core Gameplay
    • Added charging mechanic to jumps to control their strength.
    • Doubled collection radius around collectibles.
    • Fixed an infinite speed exploit.
  • Core Graphics
    • Added a second galaxy to the sky.
    • Improved color contrast on various screens.
    • Tinkered with the cover animations.
  • Core Interface
    • Added mission time and world seed to Status screen.
    • Added toggle for enabling vertical look (on by default).
    • Improved consistency of audio volume sliders.
    • Splash screen is now announced by screen readers in the latest Chromium.
  • Side A
    • Added transparency to collectibles occluded by sand.
    • Improved positioning of material clusters to prevent overlaps.
    • Increased the amount that movement affects wind audio.
    • Added more variations to the music.

v0.4.4 changes

This build fixes an issue with upgrading save games between versions. If you have made any progress in v0.4.3, it will be erased. Your progress will be reverted to before you upgraded to v0.4.3. Thanks for understanding!