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Periphery Synthetic EP v0.5.1

Functions update

Greetings surveyors!

In my last update I revealed that the EP was feature-complete. Since then I’ve been refining those changes to share. This update introduces several new features and improves the new player experience. Discover and fast travel between destinations, collect ancient artifacts, open secret caches, record your thoughts, and more.

When starting a new game, you’ll find that the tutorial has been simplified. As you explore and interact with the world, you may receive notifications of newly available functions. To access them, you may press Tab or Select while in-game, or access them from the paused menu like before. From here you may read your perceptions or fast travel to any selected destination.

Beware that the perceptions here are simply placeholders. They will be expanded upon in the full release. I’m looking forward to sharing that soon.


v0.5.0 changes

  • Core Gameplay
    • Added collectible caches that grant materials and sometimes perceptions.
    • Added collectible artifacts that grant perceptions.
    • Added action and scenario triggers that grant perceptions.
    • Added discoverable destinations.
    • Added time skip when traveling to destinations.
    • Added notifications for new perceptions and destinations.
    • Tracked progress of primary and secondary objectives.
  • Core Interface
    • Added menu for accessing common functions.
    • Added controls for accessing functions menu directly in-game.
    • Moved synthesis and status screens under the functions menu.
    • Added destinations screen for traveling to discovered locations.
    • Added perceptions screen for accessing perceptions.
    • Added labels to indicate unread destinations and perceptions.
    • Added staggered animations to helper labels on menus.
    • Added objective progress to the status screen.
    • Improved material and upgrade redaction flow.
    • Increased the number of items visible on the screen.
    • Improved visual styles of data tables.
    • Allowed focus of disabled interface elements.
  • Core Audio
    • Added cues for new collectibles.
    • Fixed a memory leak with an audio cue.
    • Improved note selection of collectibles.
    • Temporarily reduced complexity of collectibles to improve performance.
  • Cover
    • Fixed a race condition with melody generation.
  • Side A
    • Added rare craters to the terrain generator.
    • Reworked landing site to use new craters.
    • Added small structures to city centers.
    • Added roofs to city structures.
    • Removed xenotech spawn bonus near cities.
    • Added placeholder text for 16 new perceptions.
    • Improved the tutorial and New Game Plus experience.
    • Improved splash screen camera automation.
    • Tweaked interface accent colors.
    • Fixed wind caching between game states.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Upgraded desktop builds to the latest version of Electron.


  • Fixed an issue with remembering when functions are read.