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Periphery Synthetic EP v1.0.0

Side A release

Greetings surveyors!

I’m proud to announce the full release of Side A for Periphery Synthetic EP. This update adds approximately 1,250 words to the perceptions that can be gained by exploring the desert world of Alpha Periphery B. Inside you learn more about the planet, its history, and perhaps yourself.

It also includes a few optimizations and fixes which improve the overall experience. I’m especially happy with the frame rate gains, which allow my aging computer to play at the maximum draw distance. This could be expanded further in the future.

This release also marks an important milestone for the project: it is now in beta! During this phase, the core game will receive limited updates while Side B is being developed. These may include improvements to the interface, audio cues, or movement mechanics which support the next side.

I’m excited to share the first screenshots soon.


v1.0.0 changes

  • Core Gameplay
    • Increased radius that scans will reveal new destinations.
    • Reduced collisions when jumping up steep slopes.
  • Core Interface
    • Added Alt+Page Up access hotkey for cycling previous message.
    • Added Alt+Page Down access hotkey for cycling next message.
    • Improved splash screen movements over slopes.
    • Fixed position loading incorrectly after splash screens.
  • Core Audio
    • Improved footstep triggering with mouse turning.
  • Core Graphics
    • Improved frame rates at larger draw distances.
  • Side A
    • Added text for 16 perceptions.
    • Increased detail of dynamic sand terrain.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated game manual to reflect latest changes.