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Periphery Synthetic EP v1.1.0

Movement system enhancements

Greetings surveyors!

I’m excited to bring you the first post-release update for Side A. This build includes a variety of enhancements that were iterated upon while sculpting the mountainous terrain for Side B.

Importantly, jumping and scanning now respects vertical look, and a new grappling ability ensures you will brace even the hardest of impacts. To use the grappling ability, you must be on-foot, and hold Left Bumper or Left Control while mid-air. Audio and haptic cues will let you know it’s working.

In the new year I will be focusing on the Side B and, eventually, Side C releases. I’m excited to share more progress on those soon. Enjoy the update, and happy new year!

v1.1.0 changes

  • Core Gameplay
    • Implemented grappling ability for sticking landings.
    • Glued movement to nearest surface while walking.
    • Reworked forward echolocation scan to follow vertical look.
    • Increased jump height.
    • Increased jump charge duration.
    • Applied vertical look toward jump direction.
  • Core Interface
    • Added Mouse 0 mapping for jumping.
    • Added Mouse 2 mapping for grappling and drifting.
    • Added Page Up and Page Down mappings for vertical look.
    • Added haptic feedback for grappling.
    • Added haptic feedback on high velocities through air.
  • Core Audio
    • Added cue for when vertical look is centered.
    • Improved velocity scaling of footsteps.
    • Added cues for grappling.
    • Added cues for interface state changes.
    • Fixed collectible scan height cues.
  • Side A
    • Improved sky rendering at high altitudes.
    • Adjusted terrain diversity.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated game manual to reflect latest changes.
    • Updated desktop builds to Electron 22.

Breaking changes

A bug was discovered while working on the terrain for Side B that, when fixed, changed the location of all destinations. Upon fast traveling, you may be spawned above the surface and enjoy a nice fall. Unfortunately, there was not a simple solution at this time. You may enjoy the bug, or start fresh with a New Game Plus. Thanks for understanding.

Important: This has been resolved in the v1.1.2 release.

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