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E.X.O. v0.13.0

Today I finished implementing the unlockable movement abilities. Pilots can now unlock strafing and turning mid-flight with the correct materials. A fully upgraded exosuit can circumvent any obstacle.

  • drawing the gas giant tidally locked in the sky
  • ducking material sounds when inventory is full
  • fixing how upgrades are applied to the movement model
  • implementing jet vectoring and its sound cues
  • implementing RCS thrusters and their cues
  • improving hoodoos, plateau, and waves biomes
  • improving how thrust is scaled on slopes
  • throttling jumping while ascending slopes
  • filtering the scanner to limit painful frequencies
  • implementing the gyroscopes upgrade
  • balancing upgrade costs to be more evenly distributed
  • outlining the music fader as a function of altitude
  • collecting screenshots for this page
  • various tweaks and fixes

Tomorrow I plan to work exclusively on the dynamic soundtrack, which will have its own spatial and temporal geometries to explore.