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E.X.O. v0.9.0

With the jam halfway over, it was good to have a productive day. Leading into this week’s sprint, I had a lot of anxiety related to my scope. This build alleviates most of that, including:

  • adding an audio cue for transforming vehicle modes
  • implementing a chunked material generation system
  • defining a base material prop that can be collected
  • autosaving on material collection
  • defining material groups, types, and rarities
  • adding an inventory system
  • tracking material collection statistics
  • adding a crafting menu and inventory screen
  • implementing a notification system
  • adding notifications for material collection events
  • designing sounds for the notifications
  • implementing basic mouse controls
  • various tweaks and fixes

To round out this sprint, I’d like to finish implementing the material sounds and lay the foundations for upcoming tasks. For the week ahead, I will need to implement a radar, vehicle upgrades, and a dynamic soundtrack. I think there’s enough time!