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S.E.A. v0.2.0

Starting with this devlog, certain changes will be hidden behind spoiler tags. Please only reveal them when you’re ready.

Today the experience began to emerge as I finalized the UI and worked on some systems and sound design, including:

  • implementing screens for configuring settings and viewing statistics and the current status
  • porting various interface components from soundStrider for the settings screen
  • creating a settings module to manage user preferences
  • creating a statistics module to track metrics across multiple play sessions
  • implementing formatting functions to help display statistics and status values
  • modeling the surface of the ocean with 3D perlin noise
  • implementing dynamic wave sounds that sample the ocean surface and position them binaurally
  • implementing an aleatoric soundtrack in A pentatonic major
  • modeling a dynamic wind system with 1D perlin noise
  • implementing dynamic wind sounds
Spoiler Warning
  • creating a depth system that tracks the player's z-coordinate
  • tracking the maximum depth the player has ever visited
  • hiding these things from the UI until discovered
  • designing how the sounds transition from surface to underwater with filtering
  • defining the midwater zone where the surface sounds end and the ocean floor begins

This build provides a pleasant atmospheric listening experience. Tomorrow I plan to begin implementing the movement controls so its world can be explored.